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Emmett Little League - Idaho

What is Little League All-Stars?

Emmett Little League (ELL) provides boys and girls the opportunity to participate in Little League sanctioned All-Star Tournaments following the completion of the regular Little League season.  These are highly competitive tournaments with intense competition, which proves a great learning experience for every player, parent and coach involved.  The Little League All-Star experience gives players the opportunity to improve upon their baseball skills by continuing play in tournaments, against players with higher skill levels.  It is considered an HONOR to represent your league, ELL, as an All-Star. 

Emmett Little League All-Star Teams must meet and follow all rules and guidelines provided by the National Little League Organization and those adopted by Emmett Little League. The intent is to select the best team and manager to represent Emmett Little League and our community in district level and beyond tournaments.

Player Nominations

Being nominated for an All-Star team is an HONOR.  If selected to an All-Star Team, player commitment is essential.  Full commitment and participation during the duration of the All-Star Season is MANDATORY.  This includes (but is not limited to) attending all scheduled practices/games and participating in field work days. 

To ensure that the goals of the All-Star Team are preserved, only current Managers may nominate players for participation.  Managers may ONLY nominate players they currently manage.  When nominating a player, a Manger will adhere to the following criteria:

  • ATTITUDE – Managers will nominate players who demonstrate a positive attitude.  They are respectful of fellow players, managers/coaches, parents and umpires.  They demonstrate good sportsmanship skills.   
  • ABILITY –   Managers will nominate players who demonstrate a high level of baseball skills. This must be observed during practices, games, and league tournaments.  Managers should use data obtained (via stats and/or scorebook) throughout the season, to support their nominations.    
  • AVAILABILITY – Players must be able to meet the time commitments and obligations required of All-Stars. 

All player nominations will remain confidential between the managers and the Board of Directors.  

Player Selection

The Board of Directors will appoint a representative (must be an active Board Member) to oversee the All-Star Selection Process.  

 The All-Star selection process is as follows:

  1.  All nominated players will be placed on a ballot for official voting.

  2. Any Manager/Coach present at the All-Star Selection Meeting can VOTE.   Mangers can vote for players they nominated and those nominated by others.   The goal of voting is to select the most competitive team possible. 

  3. Each Manager/Coach will vote for 12 players only (or other amount determined by the Board of Directors).   The Board of Directors Representative will tally all votes.  The players receiving the most overall votes will be selected to the All-Star Team, as well as, 2-3 Alternates.

Divisions of Play

Idaho District 2 Little League offers tournament play for the following divisions:

·      10U
·      11U
·      12U
·      Intermediate
·      Juniors
·      Seniors

Emmett Little League will ONLY participate in the divisions in which they have enough All-Star players and/or coaches. 

All-Star Manager Selection

Any Manager, who is currently managing within Emmett Little League, is eligible to Manage an All-Star Team.  However, the Manager can only manage at their current divisional level.  Managers will be contacted toward the end of the regular season, to see if they are interested in managers or coaching an All-Star team.  The Board of Directors will review all applicants and select the All-Star Manager.