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Emmett Little League - Idaho

Become a Little League Manager

Why Should I Become a Little League Manager???

Being a Little League Manger is the perfect job for the person who loves the game of baseball and enjoys teaching the skills to play!  It requires a commitment of time, energy, patience, and some basic knowledge of the game.  

 As the main contact person for the team, other responsibilities include:

  • Helping at Player Tryouts in February and March
  • Participating in the Player Draft
  • Organizing team practices and games
  • Obtain Plate or Field Umpire for each home and visiting game
  • Learn and Abide by the National Little League Rules and Regulations, as well as, those adopted by Emmett Little League
  • Foster good sportsmanship
  • Encourage player skill improvement
  • Build player self-esteem
  • Create opportunities for each player to succeed
  • Instill respect for opponents and umpires through active example

Each Manager is allotted 2 coaches to help them throughout the season.  You will not be alone. 

Who Can Apply to Be a Manager?

Anyone is welcome to apply to be a Manager for Emmett Little League…. parents, grandparents, aunt and uncles, retirees, friends, former Little Leaguers, neighbors, community members, and more.

You do not need to have a child registered in  Emmett Little League to apply.

Manger Application

To apply for a Manger Position:

Log in to the Emmett Little League website
Register your child and click the "Head Coach" volunteer box
(If you do not have a child, register without a participant)
The site will ask if you will agree to a background check.
Once the background check has been passed, the board will schedule interviews.

Coaching Forms

Below are important resources for our Managers and Coaches...

Pitching Rules

Pitch Count Tracking Form

Pitching Affidavit