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Emmett Little League - Idaho


How old does my child have to be in order to be eligible to play Little League?

Emmett Little League is open to all boys and girls "League Age" 8 through 16.   "League Age" is determined by your child's age on August 31 of the current year.  To determine your child's "League Age" you can also click on the link League Age Calculator.

Does my child need to reside within Gem County to register?

Yes.  To be eligible to register for Emmett Little League, the player MUST reside within Gem County or attend a school within Gem County.  Parents should be able to provide proof of residency.    

Can girls play Emmett Little League baseball?


Why does registration occur so far in advance?

Planning, scheduling, preparing takes time and effort to ensure each and every player has the best opportunity for a successful season of Little League.  It is critical to get as many registrations and signups done as early as possible to facilitate placement on teams, acquiring managers and coaches for each team, ordering of uniforms and equipment, and providing a game schedule for the season.  Without knowing how many players there will be, much of what you see above would not be possible.  Registering your player early will also save you money!

What if I missed registration?  Can my child still play?

Any player who wishes to register, after the registration deadline, will be placed on a waiting list.  

When does the season start and end?  What is the weekly time commitment?

Our Emmett Little League season begins with Player Assessments (tryouts), which is the end of February.  Practices begin the middle of March and Games begin in April.  Our season concludes around the first part of June with End-of-Season tournaments.    Players can expect a four day per week commitment, more for our older players.  Our players do travel within the Treasure Valley for Interleague games.  

What are Interleague Games?

Interleague Games are games played against teams from other local Little Leagues.  Emmett plays Interleague games with teams from Eagle, Meridian, Boise, Idaho City, and Nampa.  

What levels of play are available within Emmett Little League?

Emmett Little League is a player-to-player pitched league.  We offer Minors (AA, AAA), Majors, Intermediate, and Senior Divisions.  For more information, please click on the "Divisions of Play" tab located under the "Registration Info."   

What are player assessments (tryouts)?

During player assessments, our players complete a series of baseball skills (i.e. throwing, catching, hitting, fielding, running, etc.) for our managers, coaches.  These assessments help our coaches draft players to teams that are developmentally appropriate.  There will be two tryout dates.  Players are encouraged to attend both tryout dates, however, attendance at one is MANDATORY. 

What is the Draft?

The draft is where our division managers meet to select their teams for the seasons.  Our managers use assessment data to select players that are developmental appropriate for their division.   The draft is also done to help maintain an even paying field among the various teams. 

When will I know what team my child is on?

Once the draft is complete, your child's manager will contact you.   The league does not contact parents with player team placement information.  

What equipment will my child need?

Your child will need the following equipment: 
 * grey baseball pants for games (solid, no stripes)
 * baseball glove (avoid white or light colored gloves - pitchers cannot use them)

 * athletic supporter and cup (this is MANDATORY for all games and practices) 
 * cleats are optional (metal cleats are only allowed for intermediate and senior divisions) 
 * water bottle
 * insect repellent

For more information, click on the "Welcome Parents" tab under "Parents"

Can my child use their own bat or batting helmet?

Absolutely, but they MUST meet Little League International Requirements (see information on "Welcome Parents" tab under "Parents").   

How do I get notified about League information?

League Information is shared via Email, Facebook, and our Website.  

What if my child's uniform does not fit?

The league will make every effort to ensure that parents are ordering the correct uniform size.  If your child's uniform does not fit, you can contact the league at [email protected] or Facebook Messenger.  You can also contact your child's coach and they can contact the league on your behalf.  If a replacement uniform needs to be purchased,  parents will be financially responsible.  Payment for replacement uniforms must be received before the replacement will be issued.  

Who Umpires the games? Are they paid?

You do!!!  Umpires are volunteers and are not paid.  They are parents, grandparents, and friends of Emmett Little League.    Umpiring is NOT scary!  It is fun and a great way to interact with you child.   We need put is simply, without umpires  - we cannot have games.    Umpire training is available, free of charge.  For more information on Umpiring, please contact us.  

What is the manager selection process?

Anyone who wishes to manage a team is welcome to apply.  Managerial candidates complete a paper application, undergo a background check, and attend an in-person or phone interview with the current Board of Directors.  After all applications have been reviewed, the Board of Directors selects the best candidates to manager for us.  Selections are made via vote.  

Why are there volunteer expectations?

Emmett Little League is a 100% volunteer operated league.  We simply cannot function without the help of many volunteers.  Emmett Little League needs volunteers for scorekeeping, pitch counting, umpires, coaches, managers, field preparation and maintenance, and concessions.  It takes a village! 

Each season,  it is expected that a parent or guardian of each player registered, volunteer a minimum of 2 shifts in our Snack Shack. The Snack Shack is our biggest fundraiser and without it's revenue, we would need to raise registration fees.  Parents can also opt out of working in the Snack Shack by paying an opt out fee.   

Can I request my child's team placement?  (i.e. same team as siblings)

Parents are welcome to make any requests (in writing) to the Board of Directors.  Requests should include the reason(s) for the request.  The Board will take any request into consideration.  however, due to our draft process, not all requests can be honored.   Disagreement with a manager's "coaching style" is not usually considered a justifiable reason for team placement.