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Emmett Little League - Idaho

2021 Board of Directors

Emmett Little League Board of Directors

  • President:                      Crystal Fowler
  • Vice President:              Candi Minyard
  • Secretary:                      Brian Sullivan 
  • Treasurer:                      Amber Randall
  • Player Agent (s):            Julie Starr and Candice Curtis
  • Sponsorships:               Candi Minyard
  • Information Officer:        Karnel Brashear
  • Umpire-In-Chief:            Brian Weers
  • Safety Officer:                Brian Weers and Ted Simmerman
  • Equipment Manager:     Candice Curtis
  • Fields Maintenance:      Brian Sullivan

Running a little league occupies many hours of time per week. Please remember our board members are volunteers. They are also parents of little leaguers just like you. They are juggling personal lives as well as baseball lives. Mistakes can and likely will be made. But rest assured, we are committed to giving your child and your family the best baseball experience possible. 

We welcome all questions, comments and help. You can contact us anytime through our league email at [email protected] or you can find one or all of us at the island.

Contact Us

Emmett Little League
PO Box 276 
Emmett, ID 83617

Email: [email protected]

Facebook:  Emmett Little League

Our Mission

Emmett Little League is dedicated to providing the best baseball experience to the youth of our community.  Our mission is to foster, promote and teach baseball, while instilling the values of teamwork, sportsmanship and fair play.